First of many.

Hi. Hey. So I decided I would start a blog because I spend too much time talking to myself whilst walking to work when I should really just write it down. Every morning I put my headphones in and have a 20 minute conversation with myself on whatever topic has popped into my head- and … Continue reading First of many.


Teach girls bravery not perfection.

I recently watched a TED Talk on Facebook by a woman named Reshma Saujani, these words are the ones that rang most true. "Most girls are taught to avoid risk and failure, they are taught to smile pretty, play it safe, get all A's. Boys on the other hand are taught to play rough, taught … Continue reading Teach girls bravery not perfection.

“But what if I fall, oh but darling what if you fly.”

Traumas affect us in everyday life, whether it be a degrading comment from a colleague, being fired or losing a loved one. You can either chose to let them knock you down or you can learn from them. I have suffered traumas in my life like every other person, I have lost loved ones, friends, … Continue reading “But what if I fall, oh but darling what if you fly.”